Production Companies
  1. Wall to Wall Production for National Geographic
  2. National Geographic Television, Nature Conservation Films
  3. 360 Powwow
  4. Dragonfly Film & Television
  5. IWC Media Production for National Geographic Channel
  6. Prometheus Entertainment
  7. AMC Studio
  8. Castle Pictures Production for National Geographic Channel
  9. Chemical Media Production for National Geographic Channel Asia
  10. Local Tiger International
  11. Bigger Bang
  12. Süreç Film Production for Fox Turkey
  13. Crisman Films
  14. National Geographic Television, Lion Television
  15. Right Angle Media
  16. Brian Catalina Entertainment
  17. National Geographic Studios
  18. OSF
  19. Rudamacho
  20. Foodwire Production for 24Kitchen Netherlands
  21. Jigsaw Production for National Geographic
  22. Zealand Films
  23. Big Fish Entertainment
  24. CB Films
  25. Un Monde Meilleur
  26. National Geographic Television, Hawaii Public Television, BBC Hawaii
  27. Small Screen
  28. Cheese String
  29. Windfall Films
  30. Top Monster
  31. Feds
  32. Interscoop
  33. Sholeh Hejazi
  34. Lone Wolf
  35. Marc Pingry
  36. Darlow Smithson Productions
  37. Ouo Time
  38. La Nube
  39. Shadow Stick
  40. Cirrus Communcations
  41. 90 Mile
  42. Mandarin Films, Lodge 9
  43. VHQ
  44. Quite Bright and Wananchi
  45. Fox Telecolombia Production for Fox Life Colombia
  46. Manapouri - The Toughest Tunnel
  47. National Geographic Studios Production for National Geographic
  48. Atlantic
  49. Fox Telecolombia Production for Fox Latin America
  50. NGC US
  51. Lotus Films
  52. YNR Marketing, Ocean Planet Images
  53. Renegade Pictures
  54. Oxford Scientific Films
  55. Pioneer Productions
  56. L'immagine SAS
  57. Air Crane Pictures, Cinenova
  58. Critical Content
  59. Original
  60. Arrow Media Production for National Geographic Channel
  61. Southern Star
  62. Moving Visuals
  63. Picture Shack Entertainment
  64. Du Golem
  65. National Geographic Television, Zazen Latso
  66. Ping Pong
  67. 2016
  68. Endemol Shine India Production for FOX Life and National Geographic
  69. Warm Springs Production
  70. Tern Television
  71. Third Floor Pictures Production for National Geographic Channel Asia
  72. Limon Yapım Production for Fox Turkey
  73. National Geographic Television, Sea Studios
  74. nfocus Asia
  75. October Films
  76. Black Diamonds
  77. Wink Inc.
  78. National Geographic Television, Zebra Films
  79. Injam & Miss Luna Films
  80. Samer Arzouni/Nomad Production for National Geographic Channel Middle East
  81. Storyhouse Production for Fox Germany
  82. Lion TV
  83. KPI
  84. National Geographic Television, Story House
  85. National Geographic Television Production For Nova
  86. Wild Dream Films
  87. Franconia
  88. T Group
  89. WFD Productions and National Geographic Channel Australia
  90. Lone Wolf Documentary Group Production for National Geographic Channel
  91. Foreign Bridges LLC
  92. Natural History Unit India Production for National Geographic Channel
  93. National Geographic Television, JWM, Crawford Communications
  94. December Films, Pemberton Films
  95. Red Dot
  96. Grizzly Creek Films
  97. Raw Television Production for National Geographic Channel
  98. Leepson Bounds Production
  99. Minoría Absoluta & Visual 13 Production
  100. Painless Entertainment
  101. Fox Production for 24Kitchen Netherlands
  102. MorningStar Entertainment
  103. Limon Production for Fox Turkey
  104. Taiwan Original Vision
  105. Pangolin Pictures
  106. National Geographic Television, Dean Love Films
  107. Force Quit
  108. Mia Yapım Production for Fox Turkey
  109. Electus
  110. Séquence 3
  111. Fulcrum TV
  112. Off the Fence
  113. National Geographic Television, Summerhill Entertainment
  114. Arrow Media
  115. Atlas Media
  116. WFD Productions for National Geographic Channel Australia
  117. No Pictures Please
  118. Bedlam
  119. FOX Production for FS1 and Nat Geo Wild US
  120. National Geographic Studios Production for National Geographic Channel
  121. Bunim-Murray, Berman and Plimsoll Production for National Geographic
  122. CBTV & Voyage Production
  123. Leftfield Pictures
  124. Silent Crow Arts
  125. Asylum Entertainment
  126. Story House Productions
  127. Half Yard
  128. Various, BABYTV
  129. Film Evı Production for Fox Turkey
  130. Gifted Show
  131. Career Sports & Entertainment
  132. ORF
  133. Fox Networks Group Production for Fox Italy
  134. Starz
  135. Antidote
  136. Dynamic Communication
  137. InFocus Asia Production
  138. Telenova
  139. NHNZ
  140. Nature Conservation Films
  141. Big Machine
  142. Creative Differences Production
  143. Canal Azul
  144. ITN Factual
  145. In Focus Asia PTE
  146. National Geographic Television, Andrea Florence, Café
  147. Hitech Visions
  148. National Geographic Channel Australia, Fleur Films
  149. Arizona Productions
  150. Hegu Communicatoins
  151. National Geographic Television, Caama
  152. Imagine Entertainment and RadicalMedia Production for National Geographic Channel
  153. Nativa Production
  154. Cicada Films
  155. My VIP, Election Libre, Mistral, Voyage
  156. Various
  157. Pulse Films
  158. Original Productions
  159. Electric Springs Natural History
  160. Northern Pictures
  161. Süreç Film
  162. Camera One Television
  163. Surec Film
  164. World of Wonder Production for National Geographic Channel
  165. Partridge
  166. Chat Ventures
  167. UMA.i
  168. CTV Infotech
  169. Impossible Pictures
  170. 1895 Films Production for National Geographic Channel
  171. Josef Tiar Studio and Locomotion Production for BabyTV
  172. Wildlife Botswana
  173. Wildbear Entertainment
  174. Tin Can
  175. Gabriel Films, Gala Film
  176. Shine Iberia
  177. Creative Differences
  178. City Chase
  179. Vision Media Ltd
  180. GMB Contenids S.R.L.
  181. Film 45 Production
  182. Quite Bright and Mananchi
  183. Tigress
  184. Devillier Donegan
  185. Eyeworks USA
  186. Fox Toma 1
  187. National Geographic Television, Draco Films
  188. Beinstock Young Media
  189. Studio Pixel
  190. Media Stickade
  191. New Classics Media
  192. Attaboy TV
  193. Pernel Media and Voyage
  194. Green Planet Production for National Geographic Latin America
  195. Miaoan Chang
  196. 360 Degree Films
  197. Hoggard Films
  198. Looking Glass Pictures
  199. WildBear Entertainment, Sea Dog TV International and Moers Media for Nat Geo Wild
  200. Liquid Motion
  201. Asylum Entertainment and Imagine Entertainment Production for National Geographic
  202. Hotel Hungaria
  203. Brian Waddell Film & Television
  204. Adjacent Productions
  205. Dragonfly Production for National Geographic Channel
  206. The Really Interesting Picture Company
  207. Creative Media, Sun Dance Entertainment International, C.L. Pictures, Good Whale Studio
  208. Ammonite
  209. Beyond Entertainment
  210. Base
  211. Fin London
  212. Public Good Projects
  213. InFocus Asia
  214. Infinites Image
  215. Nice Media
  216. Electric Pictures, Film Australia
  217. Skip Films
  218. Optomen Production for Nat Geo Wild
  219. DK Media
  220. National Geographic Television, Mark Stewart
  221. Roche Production
  222. Goldcrest Feature Films Production for National Geographic
  223. Hot Snakes Media
  224. Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  225. Scott Free Productions
  226. Scandinature Films
  227. Clover Films, PTO Movies and Picasso
  228. Pimus
  229. Merapi Production for Voyage
  230. National Geographic Studios Production for National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo People
  231. Mallison Sadler Production for National Geographic Channel
  232. Tigress Productiosn
  233. A Sitting In Pictures Production for National Geographic Channel
  234. Dirty Cheap Creative Production for 24Kitchen Turkey
  235. Steel Spyda
  236. Eco21
  237. Peacock
  238. Fox Telecolombia
  239. Stand By Me TV Productions
  240. Shark Bay Films
  241. Principal Films
  242. Depo Film
  243. Minotauro Production for Nat Geo Wild and Nat Geo Mundo
  244. Optomen
  245. National Geographic Studios, NOVA
  246. Argos
  247. Star Chinese Movies
  248. Workaholic
  249. John Joseph
  250. Sinegraf Films Production for Fox Turkey
  251. Katie Couric Media, World of Wonder and National Geographic Studios for National Geographic
  252. National Geographic Television, TV New Zealand
  253. Radley Studios Production for Nat Geo Wild
  254. Bullseye
  255. Hatchling Productions, Films of Record
  256. Antenna Films
  257. National Geographic Television, ABC, BBC
  258. Frantic Films
  259. Garrett Park
  260. Weinberger Media
  261. Cry Havoc
  262. Raw Television
  263. Half Yard Productions
  264. Outrun the Sun Production for Nat Geo Wild US
  265. Code Films
  266. Beautiful Production for Star Chinese Movies
  267. National Geographic Television, Big Wave
  268. Aito Media
  269. Gedeon Programmes
  270. This is Just a Test Media
  271. Sharp Entertainment
  272. A Bigger Bang Production for National Geographic Channel and PBS
  273. An FX Production for FX
  274. Matador Content
  275. Handel
  276. Decoupages
  277. InFocus Asia Production for National Geographic Channel Asia
  278. Locomotion, BABYTV
  279. Lou Reda Production
  280. Leepson Bounds
  281. Riot Creative and Jennifer Casey Production
  282. Nick Caloyianis
  283. Spectrum Field
  284. Kaos Entertainment
  285. Keo Films
  286. Pulse Media Production for Fox India
  287. 24Kitchen
  288. National Geographic Television, Hogan Films
  289. Electric Pictures, Mallinson Sadler
  290. Blast! Films
  291. True North
  292. National Geographic Television, Working Dog
  293. A National Geographic Studios Production for National Geographic Channel
  294. Blink Entertainment
  295. Blue Circle
  296. Beach House Pictures
  297. Rengade Pictures
  298. Threesixzero
  299. PSG Motion Pictures
  300. National Geographic Studios Production for Nat Geo Wild
  301. Gurney
  302. Endemol Shine Production
  303. National Geographic Television, Nova
  304. Cicada Bellweather
  305. Wag TV
  306. Darwin Production
  307. December Films
  308. Snake Oil
  309. Cosgrove-Meurer
  310. National Geographic Television, Rivercourt
  311. National Geographic Studios Production, in association with 3Arts Entertainment, Tired Ox Productions and Tauntwalk Productions
  312. 13 Productions
  313. Darlow Smithson Production for National Geographic and PBS
  • Zodiak Active Srl
  • Midtech India PVT Production for Fox Networks Group India
  • Fleisher Film
  • Sinegraf Film Production for Fox Turkey
  • Bi Yapım Production
  • Powderhouse
  • JWM
  • Loud Television
  • Spectrum
  • B & M Distribution
  • Yam Laranus
  • Firecracker Films
  • Spectrum Field Productions
  • IWC Media
  • Siskel/Jacobs
  • OML, Small Screen, Mass Entertainment
  • Tien-Hsin Wang and Phoebe Shih
  • InFocus Asia Production for National Geographic Channel
  • Fox International Channels and TVNYear
  • National Geographic Television, Flatdog Films
  • Fox Telecolombia for Fox Latin America
  • Darlow Smithson Production for National Geographic Channel
  • Cry Havoc Production for National Geographic Channel Asia
  • JWM Productions
  • True Blue Films Production
  • Air Crane Pictures Inc.
  • ITV Studios
  • Part 2 Pictures
  • Brownstone Entertainment
  • Revelations Entertainment & National Geographic Channel
  • Stick Figure
  • Pilgrim Films
  • Gedeon Programmes Production for Voyage
  • Gédéon Programmes Production for Voyage
  • Testimony Films
  • Flip Media
  • Red Earth Studios
  • A Raw Entertainment Production for National Geographic Channel
  • Cuatro Cabezas
  • Essential Media and Entertainment
  • Table Mountain Films
  • Halfyard Production for Nat Geo Wild US
  • Briteside Television
  • Pioneer
  • Force Quit Productions
  • National Geographic Television, Caragol Well
  • National Geographic Television, Survival Anglia
  • Prospero
  • Argos Television and Cadena Tres
  • Revelations Entertainment
  • Icon Films Production for National Geographic
  • IWC Media Production
  • Bearkatt
  • Story House
  • Focus Film
  • Darlow Smithson
  • Steadfast Television
  • Zeaux, Planete Cable, Triangle
  • Obsessively Creative
  • Radical Media Production for National Geographic
  • A Symbio Studios Production for Nat Geo Wild
  • North One Productions
  • Lightbox Production
  • National Geographic Television, Pangloss Films
  • OUO Time Production for BabyTV
  • Gulliver Media
  • FX Studios and Shine America
  • Original Media
  • Authentic Entertainment
  • Paraiso Pictures
  • Greenbay Media
  • Plimsoll Productions
  • Estudios TeleMexico and Grupo Imagen Multimedia for Fox Mexico
  • Most Production
  • Zeitfilm
  • Cheri Sundae
  • BBC Motion Gallery
  • Objective
  • IMTV
  • Quite Bright Films
  • A Base Production for Fox Turkey
  • Asylum Entertainment and Melodysheep Production
  • Dirty Cheap Creative
  • Indigo
  • Limon Yapım
  • Tigress Productions
  • A FremantleMedia Production for Fox Life Italy
  • FX Production for Fox
  • ITV Global
  • France 5
  • Shine North
  • Pastel Film Production
  • Screaming Flea
  • National Geographic Television, BBC, NHK
  • Brian Catalina Entertianment
  • NHNZ Production for Nat Geo Wild
  • Nationwide Distributors
  • Network Media Group
  • Frogwater Media
  • Media Stockade
  • National Geographic Television, Cinenova
  • Mia Yapim
  • Towers
  • Aquavision
  • A Cosmos Studios and Fuzzy Door Production
  • A Propagate Content Production for Nat Geo Wild
  • Renegade
  • Josef Tayar, BABYTV
  • Indigo Films
  • Global Briefing
  • Bray Entertainment
  • Wide Eyed Entertainment
  • Earth Touch
  • Freehand Production for National Geographic Channels
  • Green Bay Media
  • Towers Production for Fox Business Network
  • News & Entertainment TV
  • Rangrez Media Production for Fox India
  • Compass Films
  • National Geographic Television, Dream Catcher Films
  • TMC Production for Fox Turkey
  • Asylum Entertainment and Imagine Entertainment Production
  • Intuition Media
  • DNA International
  • FX Productions and Marvel Television Production for FX and Fox Networks Group
  • Firewire Films
  • LMNO
  • Wild Fury
  • Candy Bear Production for BabyTV
  • Icon Films
  • Market Road Films
  • ITV Studios Production
  • Markland Communications
  • Ay Yapım Production for Fox Turkey
  • Blue Cirlce
  • Scott Free
  • Pil Animation
  • National Geographic Channel, Discovery Canada
  • Outpost Films
  • Lion TV (ICM)
  • Red Rock Films
  • Quite Bright
  • Denhams
  • SP Televisio
  • Mass Entertainment
  • Shaftesbury Films
  • Content Mint
  • Driven
  • Rocket Films
  • Leepson Bounds Production for Nat Geo Wild US
  • Partisan Pictures
  • Shine Finland
  • Produced by Brook Lapping Productions in Association with BBC for National Geographic Channel
  • K Sirrah
  • Summerhill / WNET NATURE Co-Production
  • Pernel Media
  • Shortcut Production for BabyTV
  • Change
  • Mazdoc
  • Together Studio
  • Stand By Me
  • Zodiak Active
  • Endemol India, Big Reliance
  • A Network Media Group Production for National Geographic Channel
  • Arrow Media Production for National Geographic Channel Asia
  • Gamma Project
  • National Geographic Television, Cicada Films
  • Bob Landis, Partridge United Wildlife
  • A Darion Leigh Production for BabyTV
  • Oak3 Films
  • Fox Searchlight Pictures
  • Dalaklis Media
  • JWM Production for Nat Geo Wild US
  • CK Production
  • 90 Mile Productions
  • 495
  • Zig Zag
  • Shine America
  • Fischer
  • National Geographic Television, Green Umbrella, Calton International Media
  • National Geographic Television Production For PBS
  • National Geographic Television, Tigress
  • Avşar Film Production for Fox Turkey
  • APV Media
  • 62 Blue
  • National Geographic Television, Sea Studios, Vulcan
  • Orion Entertainment
  • PSG Motion Pitures
  • Relativity Television
  • Wizcraft Production for Fox India
  • Pioneer Production
  • National Geographic Television, Real World Records
  • Urban Canyons
  • 2C Media
  • Shine North Production for National Geographic
  • Nutopia
  • Left/Right Productions
  • Original Godal
  • Trac
  • Fox Telecolumbia
  • Fox Latin America and TV Zero
  • Echo Entertainment
  • Pear Tree
  • 24Kitchen Content Production for 24Kitchen Netherlands and 24K International
  • TwoFour Broadcast Ltd
  • AZ Celtic Films
  • Wildlife
  • Road Media
  • Animal Musicians
  • Two Hand
  • Karga Seven Pictures
  • Fox Latin America and TV Zero Co-Production for Fox Latin America/Fox Brazil
  • Picture This Television
  • An Argos and Cadena Tres
  • Filament Pictures
  • BK Films
  • Super! Alright!
  • Mediaspecial
  • National Geographic Television, Scorer Associates
  • Flight 33
  • Left Right
  • Caméra Subjective
  • Lucky Dog Films
  • Associated Producers Production in Association with National Geographic
  • Breakwater Entertainment
  • True Blue Films
  • Trompe L’oeil Production for Fox India
  • Working Dog
  • BelugaSmile THIRTEEN
  • A Years Project LLC Production for National Geographic Channel
  • Wall to Wall
  • Kipod Animation Production for BabyTV
  • Cirrus, Galaxie Presse
  • DocLab
  • Warm Springs Productions
  • Hat Creek Production
  • Meerket Films
  • Snowball, BABYTV
  • Handel, Zig Zag
  • National Geographic Studios, NOVA and Arte
  • Earth City
  • Moira Fahy Production
  • Endemol Shine India
  • Omava
  • National Geographic Television, PBS
  • FX Productions and Lightbox Media
  • Barcroft
  • Edge West
  • Hogan Films
  • Pipeline39 Entertainment
  • Prospector
  • Beach House Pictures Production for National Geographic Channel Asia
  • RDF Television
  • Samer Arzouni/Navigation Films Production for National Geographic Channel Middle East
  • Creative Difference
  • A RatPac Documentary Films, Appian Way and Insurgent Media Production for National Geographic Channel
  • Impossible Factual
  • Miditech
  • Renegade Films
  • Paul Scott Films
  • Lion TV, Stand By Me
  • Kurtis
  • Pastel Film
  • Lenz-Works
  • Michael Hoff
  • Nautilus
  • TV Logica
  • A FOX International Studios Production for HBO’s Cinemax and Fox Networks Group
  • In Focus Asia
  • Arrow Media Production for Nat Geo Wild
  • Beyond
  • Nuptopia
  • Stiletto Television
  • Nancy Glass
  • Loke Films
  • Shine North for National Geographic Channel
  • Other
  • National Geographic Television, October Films
  • Zed Production for Voyage
  • Schweet Entertainment
  • Endemol
  • National Geographic Television, Northern Mountain Films
  • Les Productions Du Golem
  • Star Chinese Channel Production
  • Quite Bright and Wanachi
  • 360 Degree Films, SBS
  • Goodbye Pictures
  • National Geographic Television
  • Verdartha Entertainment Ltd
  • National Geographic Television, Change
  • Xtreme Production for National Geographic Channel Asia
  • Sixty Six Media
  • National Geographic Missions
  • Juniper Communications
  • Dreamcatchers Films Production for Fox India
  • Hoff Production for Nat Geo Wild
  • Flap, Multimedia
  • Pil Animation Production for BabyTV
  • WNET Nature
  • Clive Morris
  • TwoFour Broadcast
  • MDTV Production for National Geographic Channel
  • Stick Figure Productions
  • Abyss
  • Quite Bright & Wananchi
  • Ananey
  • National Geographic Television, ABC
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    1. Live Free or Die 3


      8 x 60 mins HDLive Free or Die returns for a third season, following members of a remote American subculture of self-proclaimed Primitives living in the country’s backwoods, deserts, mountains and swamps, without any of the conveniences of modern society. They are pres...

    2. Before The Flood


      1 x 90 mins HDFronted by Academy Award®-winning actor, environmental activist and UN Messenger of Peace, Leonard DiCaprio, this landmark new film presents an informative and engaging account of how society can prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and na...

    3. Continent 7: Antarctica


      6 x 60 mins HDAntarctica is the coldest, driest, windiest continent on the planet. It is 5.4 million square miles of desert and only populated by a handful of researchers and support staff, risking these extremes to conduct groundbreaking and life changing science. An...

    4. Bill Nye's Global Meltdown


      1 x 60 mins HDBill Nye, the famous science guy, is feeling down. He’s visiting his therapist – Dr. Arnold Schwarzenegger – wondering why he just doesn’t feel like himself. He feels as if a horrible weight is on his shoulders, and life seems so empty, so meaningless. Th...

    5. Earth: A New Wild


      5 x 60 mins HDThis is ambitious television like you’ve never seen it before, presenting a new look at humankind's relationship with the natural world. Earth: A New Wild combines spectacular natural history stories with compelling human stories. Over 5 episodes, this st...

    6. Ice Worlds

      3 x 60 minsICE WORLDS: Life at the Edge is an exploration of life and biological science in the polar regions. We focus on two icons of the poles: polar bears in the Arctic and emperor penguins in the Antarctic, and discover that despite living at opposite ends of t...

    7. Norwester: Wind of Contrasts

      1 x 60 minsBorn far out in the Tasman Sea, the Norwester assaults New Zealand with torrential rain, snow and hail, and searing heat. In the path of the onslaught, nothing is spared. This is a unique insight into the effect wind has on the environment.

    8. Ozone: Cancer of the Sky

      1 x 60 minsDuring the 1980’s the world was confronted with a new and frightening environmental concern – ozone depletion. The term “ozone hole” is now a common phrase, but what exactly is the ozone hole and why should we be concerned about it?This programme looks at...

    9. Tropic Gothic

      1 x 60 minsThere is a house in tropical Australia, surrounded by swamp and a deep rainforest. It was built to shelter humans, but its open doors and windows allow nature to also use it as a refuge. See bizarre and beautiful tenants inhabiting a human realm, and disc...

    10. Into the Teeth of the Blizzard

      1 x 60 minsThis is the incredible journey of three men who set out to walk 2800 km across Antarctica to the South Pole and back, following in Captain Scott’s ill-fated footsteps. Relying on superhuman grit and determination, can they overcome physical and psychologi...

    11. Katabatic

      1 x 60 minsThe Katabatic wind rules the vast remote continent of Antarctica, shaping the ice, the land and the lives of everything that lies in its path from the South Pole to the southern ocean.

    12. Single on Ice

      1 x 60 minsFilming in the world’s most inhospitable environment – the Antarctic Peninsula – is full of tensions and triumphs. In this behind the scenes view, Emmy award-winning cameraman Michael Single and his crew take advantage of the brief summer to film icebergs...

    13. Four Alps

      1 x 60 minsThe Four Alps contrasts the differences between four mountain ranges on different parts of the earth, in Europe, New Zealand, Japan and Australia. It is the story of how their unique wildlife are able to live amidst some of the harshest environments on t...

    14. Mega Disaster


      4 x 60 minsInvestigating the ‘big four’ of natural disasters: tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, Mega Disaster takes viewers beyond the news footage, beyond the aftermath, and on a tour of the anatomy of these mega events to understand their genesis and...

    15. National Geographic Photographers: The Best Job In the World


      1 x 60 mins HDThis one hour special is a celebration of the astonishing, funny, death-defying and touching tales of National Geographic photographers who have tramped every corner of the planet for 125 years and brought back fantastic images that bear witness to our wo...

    16. Strange Days on Planet Earth


      4 x 60 minsNational Geographic’s Strange Days on Planet Earth is a four-part science and natural history series that uses innovative story telling to explore intriguing new discoveries about the health of our fragile planet.Around the globe, scientists are racing to...

    17. Earth Report


      1 x 60 mins HDOver 365 days of 2006, our planet will undergo remarkable changes: tumultuous weather, new species discovered, others lost, resources consumed and millions of new humans added to our rolls. Earth Report is a new signature year-end event from NGT that will...

    18. Strange Days on Planet Earth:Oceans


      2 x 60 mins HDA few years ago we might have dismissed disturbances like these as isolated events. Now we know better. It's becoming increasingly clear that our survival, and the very fate of Earth, depends on linking omens like these. But are they connected? And what c...

    19. Gone To Save The Planet


      10 x 30 minsGone to Save the Planet is a new magazine series from National Geographic Television which investigates a range of conservation and environmental stories in each episode.Featured stories include: World Wildlife Fund - Elephants: Villagers in India have a...

    20. Six Degrees Could Change The World


      1 x 60 mins HDSix Degrees is an extraordinary journey into our planet’s future, to explore the potential impacts of global warming degree-by-degree – through six degrees Celsius over the next 100 years. As the mercury rises, what could the next century of climate chang...