City of Secrets

This is a major new drama about Ali Kemal Ateş, a complex, troubled yet charismatic man who flies under the radar and uses covert methods to dish out his own unique style of justice. Living amongst Istanbul’s elite, he splits his time between his uncompromising work as an underground “fixer” for high-class clients, and his family - wife Esra, their two teenage children and the siblings that he’s looked after his entire life.

He’s respected as a man who can keep a secret. But no one knows his biggest secret: he’s an undercover government agent. Now he’s using all his skills to expose the most ruthless crime lord Istanbul has ever seen - Ekrem Tanöz. An unchecked Ekrem is dangerous for the country, and the government’s strategy to take him down revolves around one man – Ali Kemal Ateş. It’s the most perilous mission of his career, and one that becomes infinitely more complicated when he meets and falls in love with Zeynep, an idealistic doctor – and Ekrem’s daughter.

As he infiltrates Ekrem’s organisation, and dives deeper into a relationship with Zeynep, his family life begins to crumble. He’s a man torn between two worlds. A man lost in secrets and lies. And the only person who can save both Istanbul and his family from annihilation.

Episodes: 38 x 60'

Erkan Petekkaya (Broken Pieces, As Time Goes By, Dila)
Songül Öden (Gumus, Desperate Housewives)
Dolunay Soysert (Wings of Love, Double Bliss)
İsmail Hacıoğlu (Cotton White)
Burak Yamantürk (Glass Mask, Forbidden,Tatar Ramazan)