Run Coyote Run

Run Coyote Run is an original and acerbic new comedy drama that puts a very irreverent, yet thought provoking spin on the topical subject matter of migration and human trafficking on the US-Mexico border.

Gamaliel, a frustrated Mexican baseball player living close to the border and Morris, an anti-capitalist American from Arizona, were close friends in childhood, despite the differences in their backgrounds – and the wall that divided them. As adults they are reunited and decide to join forces to create a transnational corporation, Run Coyote Run. It is billed as a travel agency for adventure tourism, but the reality is that it specialises in illegally smuggling people into the US.

Supported by a raft of colourful characters, the soulless but ultimately good-hearted Gamaliel and Morris do everything they can to get their customers – and merchandise – across the border. Each episode has a different storyline: we meet an escaping Mexican politician wanted for fraud; three exotic dancers who
dream of performing in Las Vegas; the son of an African dictator, desperate to retrieve loot his father has hidden in the US, and a corpse - whose dying wish was to be buried alongside his parents in Arizona. Run Coyote Run is absurd, chaotic and very, very funny.

Episodes: 13 x 60'