One planet – two hours! Earth Live is an extraordinary new event programme that showcases the very best of the animal kingdom in real time - and spectacular fashion - from 30 locations across the globe. Hosted in the studio by award-winning actress Jane Lynch (Glee) and presenter Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race), who will be joined by zoologist and naturalist Chris Packham (Springwatch), Earth Live provides a unique window to the world’s wildlife for a moment in time.

Drone technology and more than 90 state-of-the-art cameras, along with the world’s most acclaimed wildlife cinematographers, will capture a wide range of wildlife during this two hours; from Andy Brandy Casagrande witnessing a feeding frenzy of bull sharks in the South pacific to Bob Poole getting up close and personal with a hyena clan in Africa and Sandesh Kadur joining a troop of Langur monkeys in Jodhpur at sunrise. And for the first time, viewers will watch wildlife, lit only by the moon, via new low-light camera technology with a Canon ME20.

Over the course of this two hour, dramatic event we witness dawn through dusk, midnight under a full moon, high and low tides around the world and discover how different species – from bats to humpback whales - respond to powerful natural forces with everything from visceral to tender behaviours, in order to thrive and survive.

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