Strange Inheritance

Strange Inheritance is a groundbreaking new reality programme about love, loss, and a legacy left behind. From multi-million dollar treasures, to truly bizarre collections and one-of-a- kind artefacts, this absorbing series tells the stories of how families decide what to do with their newly acquired possessions.

From a millionaire leaving 3000 classic cars to his kids and a family inheriting the world’s largest private bug collection – which is actually worth millions – to a man inheriting 5000 dolls, and a woman who is desperately trying to keep her grandfather’s movie theatre open, shocking secrets are discovered, gut-wrenching decisions are made about priceless heirlooms and fascinating histories are uncovered along the way.

Format Rights Available

SEASON 3: 28 x 30
SEASON 2: 24 x 30
SEASON 1: 26 x 30