Crowd Control - Format

Crowd Control is an exciting reality format in which viewers discover that sometimes all you need is a little science to help make the world a better place. The host uses behavioural science to lead a series of experiments that show how we can apply the power of persuasion in our daily lives to reduce stress, minimise annoyances, improve health and increase happiness. Using hidden cameras to record his results, the host tackles the seemingly impossible task of righting everyday wrongs.

Scientifically based but shamelessly entertaining, the host travels the country to catch unsuspecting members of the public and conduct experiments that could make us all happier, by using simple and tech savvy techniques. “We made a list of the most annoying social situations we face on a daily basis, and then used science to fix them,” claims the US host Daniel Pink, “viewers will be amazed at just how much we can influence behaviour by slightly altering the situation,
and how these adjustments can actually make a big difference in our world.”

Crowd Control’s techniques for crowd manipulation are transferable to any city worldwide and the format allows for and encourages local adaptation and experimentation.

TOTAL EPS: 12 x 30’
Genre: Popular Science
Original Language: English