Sleeping with the Enemy - Format

Sleeping with the Enemy is an inspired observational dating format that puts pairs of opposites together in close proximity to see if increasingly reducing the distance between them makes – or breaks – their mutual attraction. Every romantic comedy tells us that opposites attract, yet nobody sets out to find their opposite when looking for love. In a world where singletons increasingly ‘shop’ for a compatible mate on social media, have unrealistic expectations
clouded modern love?

The format brilliantly combines elements from dating shows with a unique social experiment. Our single, opposites are bound together in every episode, forced to live their lives and undertake tasks, always less than two meters apart. As the distance reduces, we see hilarious instances of physical comedy, as well as cringe-worthy culture clashes. Vulnerabilities and emotions are exposed as the couple attempt to navigate and integrate each other into their very different
lives. The winners win a romantic trip, but also greater empathy, self awareness and a more honest path to love.

Sleeping with the Enemy is the perfect international format. The structure and strong narratives can be augmented with local customs to create a programme that will work in every territory.

• Taps into the very topical world of dating apps and social media.
• Examines serious issues and prejudice in an empathetic and humorous way.
• The format offers broad social media opportunities and engagement.