School for Husbands - Format

This compelling, competitive reality format follows a group of misbehaving husbands as they enroll in the School for Husbands. They have a lot to learn about life, love and marriage. Their wives, close to breaking point, want back the men they married. Humorous, challenging, emotional and very entertaining, this is one class you won’t want to skip!

In the classroom the student husbands confront their worst attributes and are forced to talk candidly about relationships and intimacy issues. Each episode climaxes with an over-the-top challenge that pushes the husbands and their wives to extreme behavior, forcing each couple to face the reality of how and why their relationship derailed. At the end of the series we will see if the wives get back the men they thought they’d married and the overall winner will be rewarded a second honeymoon. The theme is universal and highly

The format can be easily adapted with a curriculum of tasks and classes which will work for any territory.

• Season 1 was a big hit in Argentina, achieving ratings 826% higher than
the slot average for women 18 - 49, making it Fox Life’s No. 1 show!
• The format has been a hit in Latin America, travelling to Brazil, Colombia,
Chile and Mexico.
• The format offers flexibility for refreshment: the student husbands ‘lived in’ for season 2 in Argentina, providing a new reality element.