Brain Games - Format

Brain Games is a compelling and highly entertaining, hosted, popular science format that uses extraordinary tests and hidden-camera social experiments to reveal startling truths about the brain. It challenges and engages viewers by taking them on visually aweinspiring expeditions in search of answers to some of the most perplexing and fascinating questions in modern neuroscience.

The format package provides over 50 episodes worth of carefully researched themes. The host conducts experiments both on the street and in high-tech laboratories at some of the world’s top institutions, visually illustrating the ‘wow’ behind the ‘why’ to better understand the science. In a quest to explore topics like how our brain ages, the host can team up with some of the world’s foremost neuroscientists, psychologists, cognitive scientists and specialists.

It’s a profoundly entertaining and enlightening exploration of the most complex organ in the human body and alongside these amazing investigations, the host will present an incredible assortment of interactive games designed to reveal the surprising and complex inner workings of the brain.

• Ranks among National Geographic’s top 5 highest-rated series of all time.
• Emmy award-nominated.
• Works as a 60’ or 30’ format.
• More than 50 episodes worth of themes, experiments and research.
• Structure accommodates multiple locations and scalable budget.