Can Leyla find a better life and let love conquer all with Alper?

Leyla is a divorced mother of a small son, forced through circumstances to live in the family home. She is keen to leave and give her son a better life, as she doesn’t get on with her stepmother, or her siblings. In desperation, she decides to marry Haşmet. He’s a wealthy, famous businessman – and apparently charming. However, he has a dark side and when she finally sees this on her wedding day, she decides to flee, fearful for her son’s future.

Alper, one of Haşmet’s employees unwittingly helps Layla escape. He’s struggling to bring up his daughter alone after a car accident left his wife in a coma and killed his brother. He’s just started to get his life back on track and kidnapping his new boss’ prospective wife really wasn’t in the plan. But, when he hears of Haşmet’s behaviour, his only thought is to keep Leyla and son Rüzgar safe.

Leyla and Alper soon fall in love, despite the complicated circumstances, and even though they try to keep apart, destiny keeps bringing them back together. Meanwhile, Leyla’s life is set to become more problematic. Without either of them realising, she starts working for her real mother, Canan, a difficult, yet successful businesswoman who fails at nothing. Except maybe motherhood.

Seda Bakan
Kadir Doğulu
Mustafa Üstündağ
Dolunay Soysert
Aslı Orcan
Cemil Büyükdöğerli
Kadir Çermik
Mahperi Mertoğlu
Bahadır Vatanoğlu

Episodes: 73 x 60'

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