Story of God with Morgan Freeman S2, The

Proof of God

Episode synopsis

Many have faith in God, but is there proof of a divine presence? Morgan Freeman goes on a quest to answer that question. He’ll travel to New York to meet with Sujo John, who survived the collapsing of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and found proof of God’s existence amid the destruction. In Addis Ababa, divination is taken to a new level during the Meskel festival, in which the burning of a massive bonfire will predict the future of the Ethiopian people for the next year. The journey takes us to the Namibian desert to witness the healing ritual of the San people. Morgan will also to meet Tulku Lobsang, a master of Tummo meditation, whose demonstrates the power of the divine within yourself by enduring freezing temperatures wearing only a basic t-shirt. And physicist Ard Louis explains that science reveals the complexity of nature which suggests God must exist.

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