Story of God with Morgan Freeman S2, The

Heaven and Hell

Episode synopsis

Morgan Freeman takes us around the world to answer the question, “What is Heaven, and what is Hell?” How have these unseen places changed the way we live our lives on earth? Morgan ventures to rural Tennessee to explore underground caves and towering earthen mounds; ancient passageways to their versions of the underworld and the upper realms. In Ethiopia, exorcisms are conducted to free those who feel possessed by evil spirits, while in Cambodia, a temple constructed by an ancient king rises high above the land as a symbolic attempt to being heaven to earth. We dive through underwater caves in Mexico to find evidence of human sacrifice, suggesting these were heavenly portals for the Maya. Closer to home, we meet Annie, who experiences heaven every time she begins to “speak in tongues,” and Krista, whose near death experience transformed her life as she went to her own form of

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