Amish: Out of Order

9 to 5 Amish

Episode synopsis

For the Amish, hard work and physical labor is not only a way of preserving their heritage, but has become an integral part of Amish identity. The Amish lifestyle is built around work, from harvesting the fields to running a busy household. Traditionally, a farming lifestyle has always been a way of being self-sufficient and hard work is vital for supporting a large family. Although most Amish no longer work in agriculture and their methods have modernized, the idea of work has become inextricably intertwined with community, and is important in bringing people together – whether it be quilting or barn-raising, these activities are as much social occasions as they are an opportunity to perform a necessary task. In this episode, the ex-Amish community uses their skills to pull together and help out a town that has been recently ravaged by a hurricane. Meanwhile, Michaela – a young woman longing to join an Amish community – discovers the value of hard work when she is allowed to stay with an Old Order Amish family.

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